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P R E S S   R E L E A S E S

"Jakob Steinkellner makes his music something very emotional - for himself and for his audience.."

Harmonika International

„Sometimes touching, mostly sparklingly funny.“


From calming, beautiful sounds to a euphoric atmosphere and an extensive opportunity to marvel, it offers a lot, actually almost everything, [...] and that is an amazing and fascinating path for many connoisseurs of the harmonica scene!“

Harmonika International

"There was also a lot of applause for Jakob Steinkellner, who impressed with his accordion and the Styrian Harmonica [...] A true master of his craft [...]."

NÖ Nachrichten

"Jakob Steinkellner does not offer his music cautiously, but rather plays it with all his heart and deep conviction.”

Harmonika International


“Jakob Steinkellner lights up the intricate seven-eighth bars and explores the virtuosity of the instrument.”


"Jazz dances with Zwifochm.“


„Much more than just folk music!“

OÖ Nachrichten

“The performances inspire us sustainably, we talk about them again and again […].”

Welt der Frau

“[…] now inspires and touches audiences worldwide with his fiery esprit and great devotion to music.”

Harmonika International

“In his music you are very present in the moment.”

Welt der Frau

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